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yes! amazing gifset

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pulp fiction (1994)

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Kristen Stewart


does she really like black flag though? that would actually get her a +1


my favorite kim k moment is when she was concerned her taste buds were changing because she ate an olive and liked it but didn’t want to 


it’s ok you can afford them

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Beiber being a piece of shit.

spongebeib squarecunt

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I can’t believe that it’s allowable to have such a RACIST and CONDESCENDING news report. I already knew CNN was a joke and never liked their reporting but this really is disgusting. I’ve been living in New Zealand for 5 years now, the Maori culture here is pervasive, rich and beautiful and this whole report ignores that, pokes fun at it and is highly disrespectful. 

Please sign the petition for CNN to issue a formal apology. 

Wow. She called the haka "a cross between a Chippendales lap dance and the mating dance of an emu"

Please sign. This is unacceptable.

fucksake.  what is an apology going to do?  it’s the right wing crazies who laugh along with this bullshit so it’s only going to fuel a fire.  the focus should be on retrieving some kind of real news source which actually educates people instead of helping to spread bigotry.  god dammit.  if that were the case maybe people wouldn’t bother watching CNN, Fox News and all the other shit which can’t even seem to report well on what they do cover.

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i fucking love joan rivers

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